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Education is one of the focus sectors for QS Consultants. We work with existing schools and on greenfield / brownfield projects to make schools high performing entities with introduction of best practices from around the world, professional standards, creating knowledge banks and trainings for educators and school leaders.

QS Consultants works with pioneers of K-12 education to bring in subject specific knowledge and help its clients improve learning environment on their campuses.

We undertake feasibility projects, help identify land for school and work through compliances, financial structuring, recruitment of Principals, Teachers and Administrative staff, Leadership and Teacher Training, development of curriculum, marketing and setting up processes including admissions, transport, communications etc.

We employ professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, so that we can effectively contribute to different learning environments including CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB and IGCSE.

Education Consultancy Note
Hardeep Singh
Experienced Advisors, with in-depth knowledge on their subject.

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