Initial Public Offering
With the Indian economy growing at a rate of over 8.5%, the IPO activity has regained the momentum. In the year 2010, more than 75 companies have raised the capital from IPO market and many others are planning to do so in the coming year. The capital market perceived all the issues very critically and awarded the issues with right value proposition and timing.

Hospitality Stocks
With the economy growing at a rate of 7%, hotel stocks have bounced back swiftly, signaling the worst is behind us. In the last 18 months hotel stocks have given an average return of 130% as compared to 79% return of the indices. Amidst this recovery path, we, at Q S Consultants bring you a research on the performance of Hotel Stocks in India.

The Hidden Gems
2009 was a great year for Indian equities with all the major indices showing positive returns. Inline with historical performance, small caps outperformed the large and mid caps significantly. With the Indian economy poised to grow over 7-8% in coming years, this steady performance is here to stay. The key to outperform other investors and the market lies in identifying the undervalued yet fundamentally sound companies. Amidst this economic environment, we, at Q S Consultants bring you The Hidden Gems, an extensive research to identify such stocks in Indian economy. This report aims to explore such 'Hidden Gems' which skip the radar of research firms because of their small market capitalization.

Indian Pharma Sector - A Strategic Shift
The Indian pharma industry is going through a transformation, led by strong underlying growth drivers. The industry has grown at CAGR of 13% from 2002-2007 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% over 2007- 2011. India's pharmaceutical market has the potential to grow to US$20 bn. by 2015, maintaining 13% CAGR, growing more than 300% from US$6 billion in 2005. In this document we try and understand the underlying growth drivers for the industry and some of the key emerging trends.

Indian Economy - Mid Year Review
A significant turnaround and rising optimism about the resurgence of the economy has been cautiously corroborated by the recovery in the industrial production up to August 2009.The expected decline in agricultural output under the influence of the deficient monsoon, however, has impacted the overall growth outlook, which is evident from the expectation of a 6.7% growth for 2009-10. The outlook is conditioned by the pressures emerging in essential commodities as well as elevated and expanding consumer prices coupled with moderation in aggregate demand factors and the external economy. This economic update endeavors to briefly highlight the key factors influencing the economy, both globally and nationally, and forecast growth over the remainder of this financial year.

The World - India & The Road Ahead
The current global crisis has highlighted the relevance of economic spillovers.The tight links between global trade in durable, capital, and high-tech goods and the closely entwined investment spending that supports economic activity in both high-income and developing countries can be detected in the iterative cycle that now operates between the financial and real sectors of the global economy.

Indian Hospitality: A Strategic Shift.
Though India has felt the impact of the economic crisis, hospitality has emerged as one of the key service sector industries in India. It accounts for 2% of GDP; 1% of capital investment and 3% of private consumption nationally. The industry increased its GDP contribution 2.5 times between 2002 and 2008, with a corresponding increase of over 2 times in both investment and consumption.

Economic Snapshot (India) 2009
A report that combines a present day macroeconomic overview and future economic trends, Economic Snapshot (India) 2009 aims to give a bird's eye view of the Indian economy.

Growth Drivers
An analysis of performance (2008-14) and projections (2009-10) of Aggregate Demand Drivers within the Indian economy.

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